Pre-Christmas E-Book Deals


‘Twas the Night: A Christmas Collection is current available on Amazon for $US 2.99, or for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. That’s less than 25 cents per story. Get it delivered today by clicking here.

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The Return: A 9/11 Story is a great way to pass the pandemic lockdown in your area. It is available from Dec. 22-25 for only $US 0.99. The special is extended from Dec. 26-29 for $US 1.99. After Dec. 30th the price returns to $US 2.99. This e-book is also available for FREE for those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Download your copy today by clicking on this link.


Gold, Common Sense and Myrrh: A Christmas Collection


Christmas Collection Religious FamilyGold, Common Sense and Myrrh is a collection of ten short stories that take place on Christmas Eve. A part of my family’s Christmas Eve tradition, we traveled around the world, visiting a poor family in Rio de Janeiro and witnessing the kidnapping of students in an international school in Laos. The stories span history, going back to a missionary family in the South Pacific in the 18th Century and to the Canadian Prairies during World War II. The final story ends in Bethlehem with the tale of a woodcutter and his son as they accompany the shepherds to the manger. Gold, Common Sense and Myrrh reveals the wonder of the Christmas story, seen through the eyes of people from different nations and cultures.

I know of no better time of year to snuggle up with a great storybook than Christmas. Each tale in Gold, Common Sense, and Myrrh is worth the price of admission. Many of them will stay with me for life. I smiled, I cried, I thought. I sprained my wrist turning pages.
– Phil Callaway, speaker and author of Laughing Matters

These stories transport readers to another time and place, to cross-cultural experiences where they discover the true meaning of Christmas. They engage the imagination and grip the heart. Make reading this book a treasured family tradition.
– Grace Fox, speaker, author and national co-director of International Messengers Canada

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