Free Copy of The Return: A 9/11 Story

The Return: A 9/11 Story is an adult fiction novel that follows Cassie MacDonald’s journey as she receives a mysterious hand-delivered letter at her workplace. The letter, delivered by a homeless man, suggests that her father, one of the missing persons from the 9/11 attacks, might be alive. The letter claims to be sent by a friend of the family, but his unwillingness to step out of the shadow casts doubt upon his motives. Is he wanted by the FBI? Is the mob after him? Is he who he really claims to be? Is there more to his story?

Cassie’s life is already complicated by the challenges of her mother’s recent death and her stepfather’s insistence on selling their Jersey City home. She seeks help from her high school friend Jordainne who introduces her to Tim Martinuk, a young, legal intern.

Tim’s faith and his own 9/11 story help Cassie navigate the instructions left by the mysterious man. Together they tackle a question that goes beyond if her father is alive: Can Cassie learn to trust God, even when she doesn’t know what’s around the next curve in the road?

A paperback copy of the the novel will be sent to the first ten people who purchase the eBook version of the novel (pre-published on Apr. 25, 2020) and write a review on either or Goodreads. The hard copy is due for release sometime in late Spring or early Summer of 2020. Find more details at