Pre-Christmas E-Book Deals

‘Twas the Night: A Christmas Collection is current available on Amazon for $US 2.99, or for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. That’s less than 25 cents per story. Get it delivered today by clicking here.

*If you’ve read this book, could you please take 2 minutes and give it a review on Amazon by adding your comments here.


The Return: A 9/11 Story is a great way to pass the pandemic lockdown in your area. It is available from Dec. 22-25 for only $US 0.99. The special is extended from Dec. 26-29 for $US 1.99. After Dec. 30th the price returns to $US 2.99. This e-book is also available for FREE for those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Download your copy today by clicking on this link.


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