A funny thing happened on the way to …

The Book of Acts records two mid-course changes in the life of Paul: once on the Road to Damascus and another that turned his focus to the European continent through a dream of a Macedonian man calling for him to bring the Gospel to an unreached people. These are only two of the many examples of God leading His people in unexpected and unexplainable ways.

That’s what the year 2020 felt like for us. In March we sensed clear direction towards a destination that would have returned us as International Workers with the Canadian C&MA, working as pastors of an international, English-speaking congregation. But then came Covid-19 and the the world shut down. International travel was cancelled and plans of mission leadership shifted, reacting to closures and restrictions that no one could have anticipated.

So, as we enter 2021 we find ourselves in Saskatoon, waiting to see where the next door will open. We also monitor the health and situation of our parents living in the Lower Mainland, recognizing the need to be closer to them. We have found that sometimes the next marching order of God is to wait; knowing that there are promises that speak of His blessing, provision and direction to us as we trust Him (Is. 40:31).

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