TwasTheNightTwas the Night: A Christmas Collection tells 13 faith-based short stories for families from the four corners of the world. People of many cultures and nations look forward to the celebration of the arrival of the Christ-child, each adding their traditions, making the Christmas season a kaleidoscope of creativity. Stories span the decades and take the reader to places from Malawi to Mexico. Families will travel back in time to ancient Palestine, as well as circle the globe. They will discover that the true meaning of Christmas is found in a baby, born in humble circumstances, yet making an impact upon all of history.

Twas the Night is available as a Kindle Version, and as a paperback book on

The life of Barnabas, an “ordinary Joe,” provides an example of how people can make an extraordinary difference in the world. Author Dwayne K. Buhler speaks from 30 years of experience as he describes the principles learned from this biblical character.

This book is an excellent resource for Bible study groups and includes discussion questions. Bulk copies are available by going to the LukeFiveTen Publishing page and leaving a messageClick Here.

A Kindle version and a paperback version of No Ordinary Joe is available on Amazon by clicking or Kindle Version.


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