Living in a Covid-19 World #31

Behind  Every  Successful  Woman …

It is no secret that my wife, Rhonda, is an early riser. This hasn’t changed during our weeks of self-isolation and social distancing; it might even have become more accentuated. My family and I have benefited from her care and hard work.

We’ve all heard it said that “behind every successful man is a good woman,” but let’s invert the equation. It’s one thing to use Proverbs 31 as a measuring rod for the ‘ideal woman,’ but how often have I (as a man) stopped to think that about my role to ensure that my wife the freedom to be this kind of person.

To read the rest of this devotional, go to my LukeFiveTen blog.

NOTE: This is the final post of the Proverb-a-Day challenge. I encourage readers to continue the habit of reading daily from the Bible. Maybe start with the Psalms and read a Psalm a day over the months of this summer. It’s a life-skill that will inspire, comfort and direct your life.


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