Moving Day Decisions


The house was in a state of upheaval. Boxes, papers, toys, personal items and the accumulated “junk” of 10 years was scattered around the house as we prepared for our big moving day.

Our dining room table had became known as “Packing Central”, the place where things were sorted into three distinct piles:  the “Keepers pile”, the “Give ‘em away” pile, and the “Junker pile” were all distinctly marked. As space was limited, our moving day was forcing us to make some important decisions, as space was limited.

My 5-year old son paid particular interest in the sorting process, especially when he observed that we had just received a very special letter in the mail. His kindergarten class had visited the Post Office and he had mailed his first letter. With the help of his teacher he had written:

Dear Mom and Dad: 

You are the best.  I love you Mom!  I love you Dad! 

Love, Brett

As he looked at the three piles and the letter sitting on top of the table, he finally worked up enough courage to ask a question that was obviously plaguing him. “Dad,” he asked, “which pile does my letter go into?”

Dropping to my knees, I embraced him and quickly remarked, “Brett, this goes into the Keepers Pile. This is the most important letter that anyone could ever give to me.”

God has sent us all a letter – the Bible – that speaks of His love for us. It also speaks of His Son, Jesus, Whom He sent to the world. He asks each of us to evaluate into which compartment of our lives we will place Him: the “keepers”, the “for others”, or the “rejection” pile.

God awaits our answer to this decision and is ready to embrace us. In the book of Joshua (Joshua 24:15) the Lord encouraged all to choose for themselves this day whom they would serve. We make this importanht decision each day.


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